Return of the Tiger is a book on conservation success stories from the Land of the Tiger.

It is a concise easy to read illustrated book about issues and problems related to wildlife conservation, along with tried and tested solutions.

Just as the Project Tiger protected all animals in the Tiger's domain, this book 'Return of the Tiger' is about more than just Tigers.

It is an interesting travelogue of visits to interesting places and a narrative of interesting incidents along the way.

It is illustrated with simple line sketches of important observations, events and actions described in this book. The intention is to illustrate events, observations and actions as photographs and sketches so that the essence of the message will leave a lasting impression on the readers mind.

This book is for everyone interested in conservation – the casual wildlife tourist with passing interest in wildlife, the wildlife enthusiast looking to do his part for the conservation and looking for ideas about what to do, people actively involved in conservation, and for people interested in travel books on India.